Texas Council on Family Violence 2012 Statistic Report

Texas Council on Family Violence 2012 Statistic Report                                                                                                                
The Texas Council on Family Violence promotes safe and healthy relationships by supporting service providers,
facilitating strategic prevention efforts, and creating opportunities for freedon from domestic violence. 
Over the past 30 years, Texas has made significant progress in creating safe havens, providing greater
legal options and establishing remarkable transitional services for victims.  However, family violence presists.
For many women, pregnancy is the only time they receive medical attention.  Health care providers may also represent
a woman's only opportunity to seek an outside resource. 
Although TCFV commits to addressing all family violence fatalities, Texas has been a leader in efforts to prevent teen dating
violence through legislative change.  For instance, the 80th Legislative Session added Section 37.0831 to the Texas Education
Code, which requires Texas school districts to adopt a dating violence policy including addressing awareness education for
students and parents.  Building on this measure, the recently completed 82nd Session's Senate Bill 736 expands Section 28.004
of the Texas Education Code to allow a school district to appoint representatives of a local domestic program to serve on the
district's local School Health Adbvisory Council (SHAC).  By statute, SHACs advise school districts on school health curricula.
Dating abuse information represents an excellent and logical part of health classes and will assist in true implementation of dating
violence policies in schools. 
Domestic violence tears at the very fabric of our society and the surviving families of these victims remain changed forever.
Professionals and individuals alike have the ability to create the social change necessary to make Texas safe for women and families.
During this compilation of this report TCFV identified several items of note:

Facts and Statistics

• Women Killed: Statistics Not Yet Available
• Family violence incidents: Statistics Not Yet Available
• Adults sheltered: 11,994
• Children sheltered: 14,534
• Adults receiving nonresidential services (i.e., counseling, legal advocacy, etc.): 36,831
• Children receiving nonresidential services: 15,694
• Adults denied shelter (due to lack of space): 26.2%
• Hotline calls answered: 191,301

For further information on the Texas Council on Family Violence:  www.tcfv.org or call 903 512 794 1133                                                                                               For the full 2010 Honoring Texas Women's Report http://www.tcfv.org/pdf/Honoring-Texas-Victims.pdf