Grants, Fundraisers and Contributions our Lifelines to Helping Others

 The Crisis Centers' Supporters

 Our funding providers are:
The Office of the Attorney General     
    *Sexual Assault Prevention
      Crisis Services Grant
    *Primary Prevention Grant
State of Texas
    Regional Victims' Assistance Grant
    Health & Human Services Commission
FEMA (strictly for client utilities/rent, etc.)
Fannin County
Cities in the Fannin County
Other Community Agencies
Concerned Individuals and Businesses
 We have two major fundraisers each year.  One is our annual "You Hold the Key" dinner and auction.  Each year we receive more and more donations for the silent and live auction and our attendance for the event continues to grow.  The dinner has a nice touch with the Bonham 4H members dressed in black and white assisting each of the dinner guests at their table.  The live auction is done by a professional auctioneer which helps bring fun and laughter into the live auction bidding.
Our second major fundraiser is "The Parade of Playhouses".  Each year businesses build bigger and better playhouses to donate to the Crisis Center.  These playhouses are put on the Bonham square for easy vision by the community.  Tickets are sold for each individual playhouse and a drawing for each house is held just prior to the start of Bonhams' annual Christmas Parade.  It is exciting to hear the screams and see the happy faces of the winners for each playhouse.
The Bonham 4H club members also very helpful each year.  They help with the holiday food and toy drives, they also help with our dinner and auction.
All of these Grants, fundraisers and individuals help support the Crisis Center and allows us to be a lifeline to our clients of Fannin County.  To each of our supporters of these grants and events the Crisis Center says "Thank You".